Moving Problems 101: Why Stress-Free Moving is a Dream!

Moving problems 101

Moving is a stressful process indeed! It is not important whether you are moving the first time or you move often. The whole process could create a stressful environment for you. To avoid anxiety and pressure, you need an effective plan ahead. This planning will help you to get a grip on different hacks for packing, unpacking fast, limit the amount of work, and the ultimate result is the dream come true – Stress-Free Moving!

Following are the expert tips to get the moving process smoother and easier while staying calm. These drudges are as follows: 

Creation of the 101-Moving Checklist Before Assembling The Packing Items: 

For say, if you have decided to move in the next two months, then now at present, you need to start making a checklist before packing your first bag. You need to make a general timeline to assemble all the items that need to follow throughout the entire time of moving. This will help you to keep organized and avoid the hassle. The checklist would involve the following: 

1: Research about the best moving company

2: Get the estimation from at least three movers 

3: Hire the moving company with a fair price and the best quality services 

4: When there is only one month left, order the essentials for moving

5: The essentials could be wardrobe boxes, etc. 

6: Start the packing with the least used items 

7: Set aside the essentials and cost-worthy items involving jewelry and passport, that you would transport by yourself. 

8: Before one week of moving, pack the remaining items and label them accordingly. 

9: For shoes, you need to get rid of those which you don’t wear in years, stuff each pair of shoes with pair of socks so that their share cannot be changed or affected,  while box the nicest pair of shoes separately. These would be the best way to pack tour shoes. 

10: Before one day of the move, you must pack the essentials that you would require the first day or night at your new place, including, a coffeemaker, cups, plates, a set of sheets, and some cooking utensils. 

11: Pack an overnight bag with toiletries, and a few changes of clothes, and then get plenty of sleep. 

12: On the day of the move, you need to check that your old home must be cleaned up and there is nothing left for packing. 

By setting the timeline according to this checklist, you will be moving forwards with your dream moving process.


Do Not Expect That Everything Would Be On Time: 

You need to make sure that you don’t take stress during the moving process. For this, you have to lower your expectations. For example, you have made the checklist and are ready to implement the timeline. However, your acquaintances like, your family, movers, friends, siblings, and others may not work according to your timeline. You have control over yourself but you cannot control them to act according to the checklist. 

They might get stuck at their workplace, and maybe there is an emergency they need to attend to, etc. There is a solution to it as well, you need to hire professional movers so that they can take of your time and things, and guess what, then you don’t have to rely on any of your acquaintances. All you need to rely on the moving company and its team. 

Planning And Preparation Of Your New Home Before Time: 

It would be an ideal situation for you to do different chores before unpacking at your new place. Which is part of the planning and preparation, consider it another moving chop. The chores involved; painting walls, getting fixtures done, resurfacing the floors, and others. 

If your new place required nothing of these, then it would be convenient for you to deep clean your new home like cleaning the floor, bathrooms, windows, kitchen, inside of closets, and cabinets. This will leave no untidiness at your new place, which declares the cleaning post the moving is the perfect thing to do for the spotless house. 

Usual Packing Mistakes That You Should Avoid: 

Following are mistakes that should avoid for a 101-moving hack for stress-free moving:

1: You should avoid using the standard boxes for heavy items because they are made to withstand the weight. Instead, you can use book boxes or rented plastic reusable boxes which can withstand heavier weight. 

2: Wardrobe boxes must be bought to save yourself from the mess that your clothes will produce after unpacking. These boxes came with hangers in handy so that you can hang your clothes and there will be no wrinkles on them. 

3: Try to make sure that dishes or fragile stemware can be put into separate boxes instead of one and these must be wrapped in tissues and Bubble wrap. 

4: Heavier items must be put at the bottom of boxes while lighter ones on the top. 

5: Taped well to your all boxes, so that they could not be opened before unpacking. 


Staying Organized: 

At this stage of packing towards dream-moving, you need to move forward onto the next stage, which is packing. Number down all of the boxes based on the things inside them so that you can remember them while unpacking them in your place. This is the beneficial stage among effective moving hacks because this will save you time and keep you away from rummaging from box to box when you want to find something in unpacking. 

For example, you can write on the boxes about their destination – kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining, room, and bedroom so that movers will place them accordingly. 

Move The Necessary Items On Priority: 

It is significant to decide which amenities will fit in your new house. You need to make a list of these items that must be your priority list to make sure that you get your utmost necessities like utensils, toiletries, and cutlery. 

Tell the moving company to take your fridge in the first batch so that the first thing in your place would be to fill in the fridge with beverages and food items. This will keep you hydrated, and refreshing while the process of moving is an essential thing to remain stress-free. 


Ship a Car To Another State: 

If you are moving to another state or town, then it would require not only moving your belongings to another state but your vehicle also needs a moving facility to be shipped away. There are two scenarios in this which you can follow, one is, if the distance is short then it would be suggested that you drive it yourself for transportation. 

Second is, if your new place has a long distance then it would be efficient for you to hire professional auto transport company, that will effectively transport your vehicle to a new place, although it may charge you an amount out your car will be safely reached to your new destination. There are other options as well, like using a train or boat to ship your vehicles which may also differ in price 

Using these hacks can save you time and energy which leads you towards stress-free moving either within the state or outside of it. 

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