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Bismarck ND and its Connecting Rooms Lifestyle

Bismarck, ND has seen a recent boom in population and job opportunities which have prompted contractors to invest in open-plan homes. With the weather nominally chilly and the landscape mostly flat, house contractors lean towards connecting living, dining, and kitchen areas to allow a uniformly heated and aesthetically pleasing apartment.

Naturally, this design comes with both positive and negative weightage, some of which are highlighted below:




Aesthetic appeal:

A small kitchen with a living room would add to the aesthetic appeal of the house

Unpleasant Sounds:

Kitchen appliances may add irritating noises to the living room ambiance

Conversations Made Easy:

An open kitchen plan makes communication with people in other rooms easier

Kitchen By-Products:

Steam, smoke, and food smells may become a factor in irritation

Living + Dining in Sync:

A living room with a dining area would be a welcome space for social activities

Unfavorable Kitchen Heat:

The heat from the kitchen area would be an unpleasant addition to the living area


Connected rooms would allow for uniform decor throughout

Item Shifting:

Flakes, shavings, peels, and food items may get cluttered

More Space:

Having a continuous space would make the house feel roomy

Lack of Privacy:

A general lack of privacy would be a factor

Seamless Illumination:

Sunlight from floor-to-ceiling windows would be able to illuminate all three areas at once

Food Allergy Woes:

People who have food allergies may have to consciously avoid areas connected with the kitchen

Easier to Move Furniture:

With fewer walls and doors, furniture is easier to relocate

Pet Access:

Problems in preventing your pet(s) from accessing the kitchen area

Easier Cleaning:

Getting done with cleaning chores like vacuuming is much easier

Less Security:

Having fewer walls means fewer doors and lesser security

Resale Value:

Keeping in tow with modern-day house design aesthetics would help with its resale value

Hygiene Problems:

The kitchen area may be more susceptible to debris/trash

Easier Monitoring:

Less hassle of keeping an eye on the kids

Maintenance Issues:

If one area suffers from a fault, all the connected areas would be affected

Minimal is Better:

Minimal architecture appeals to sales  

Not for Everyone:

Some people prefer having a traditional-looking house and space

Topography Friendly:

Connecting rooms with ceiling high windows works with central heating

Too Much Sunlight:

Bismarck can have harsh summer days which might overheat the house

Boosts functionality:

Getting work done around the house easier and more efficient

Appliance Hazards:

Having electrical appliances connected too close is dangerous

Amazing Views:

Ceiling high windows allow for gorgeous views from your room

Bigger Windows, Bigger Curtains:

We will need to invest in larger blinds to cover the windows for privacy

More Space to Use:

Naturally, more can fit easily. Furniture, appliances, etc

More Clutter:

Also, there will be more clutter if not neatly organized and cleaned

Floral Embellishment:

With more open space, more plants and flora can be placed for aesthetics

Sacrificing Smaller Rooms:

Smaller rooms that could be specifically used will no longer exist



Bismarck is a growing city; second only to Fargo in the state of North Dakota. People are pouring in to cash in on various opportunities. By having houses that are functionally and aesthetically updated the city can become a melting pot for the population in north of America. Resale values will flourish and Bismarck can potentially establish itself as a local hub for all things new and trendy.