How Powerful Is The Impact Of Social Media On Brand Awareness?

Brand Awerness

The rise of social media has transformed the way of our living, in both personal, social, and economic spheres. The notions of hanging out and conducting business have new definitions now. Even the idea of being at home is modified with the smart use of technology via social media. So, what is the impact of social media on brand awareness? Read out the complete article to find out.

In the case of economic activities, marketers saw the opportunity to target their audience in the platforms with a staggering number of users, through highly specialized targeted campaigns. Now, creating brand awareness using social media is a standard practice across the business world to set up social media pages even before the inception of a company and create a user base by teasing out information. After the launch of a company, this becomes a regular medium to connect with that base. These platforms can be leveraged to increase the brand awareness and loyalty of your customers.

By making it a standard practice, there is hardly any consideration of auditing. Companies, especially small businesses, should determine the cost of conducting social media marketing and gauge the impact of social media on brand awareness.

In this post, we are going to tear down different sides of social media marketing and deal with facts and figures to give you a clearer picture.

Positive Impacts Of Social Media On Brand Awareness

  • When your company has an active social media presence, it is like having a hotline with all of your customers and prospects. You can share feedback and the latest news on upcoming products and services with no cap on the quantity. Die-hard users can share that content over the internet with impunity. Instagram stats show that over 80% of the users have followed at least a single business, with over 200 million users going through business profiles each day.
  • Nothing can compete with the sheer exposure and following of social media users. Oberlo estimates put the number of social media users at around 3.78b in 2021. This is over 30% increase in the last five years. This gives countless opportunities to businesses to explore the user base and carve out a niche for them by creating a solid brand awareness strategy.
  • Advertisement over social media is highly lucrative for companies. First of all, it is cheap and effective because you can set your own parameters based on demographics and other determining factors. Then, there is the impact of that advertisement. According to Adobe, 42% of Generation Z rely on social ads and campaigns as compared to other digital marketing content. Additionally, Instagram Business reports that over 60% of users have discovered at least one business through social media. This is a goldmine for marketers and there is no doubt about it. 

Negative Impacts

Since there is no supreme authority that presides over the content social media presents, there are chances that the impact of social media on brand awareness does not bid well. 

  • According to Brandwatch, over 95% of users do not follow official brand pages but mostly rely on “fan-made” or “unofficial” profiles (very interesting!), This could lead to the propagation of fake news which can hurt the standing of a company. The bulk of that misconception manifests itself in the form of negative feedback. To have a positive social media impact on your business, you should have a rigorous strategy to reply to every negative feedback that affects your brand. This shows prospects that you care about your customers and deal with their issues way into the future.
  • Social media is about quick action. People post content and it becomes viral overnight. In the same manner, if a user wants to communicate with a brand, he or she expects to get a quick response. This is evident from the 78% of Twitter users who expect a reply within an hour. To capitalize on that opportunity, you have to have a competent social media marketing team to connect with the users instantly.

How To Cope-Up with Creating Brand Awareness Strategy?

After going through stats, we know for sure that there is unparalleled potential in social media to impact brand awareness. But as we stipulated in the beginning, we need to make a comprehensive strategy with precise tactics to ensure optimal returns on our social media spending. Only this will ensure sustainable marketing growth while creating a brand awareness strategy using social media. 

Here are some interesting yet straightforward ways to grow the impact of your brand through social media channels.

Engage Your Followers

It could be a hassle for many to write a couple of sentences over social media, especially when there are generic options to like, dislike, share, etc. In order to engage more followers inactive content marketing, employ polls and contests and get as many users in the fold.

Rewards & Incentives

Devise ways to test the brand knowledge of followers and reward winners through promotional codes and other incentives. This shows the user base the humane and caring side of your brand which helps in making it a leader in its field.

Encourage Reviews

Brands can encourage customers to review their social media profiles. You can ensure your clients that their feedback will be revered. In addition to that, if they face any issue with the product or service, their query could be entertained swiftly through social media channels.

The positive impact of social media on brand awareness relies majorly on positive reviews. According to Online Reviews Stats of 2021 by Qualtrics, positive reviews on social media can encourage people to spend 31% more on your business, while 92% of B2B buyers require a trusted review to make purchases. That’s a good percentage, isn’t it?

Consider Paid Advertisements

In the past, small businesses were shy of spending on digital campaigns. But social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc., offer cheap ad solutions with complete control over the intended recipients of advertisements. So, it is worth a while to use paid means to impact your brand awareness.

Bonus Tip: Post While the Active Hours of Social Media Platforms

It is important that your new posts and ads related to news, information, offers, discounts, etc. are posted while the high active hours. It is when users are more active on a certain platform, that increases the probability of your discoverability and user engagements. In the case of scheduling Ad campaigns, it is wise to consider it. Here is an example of Facebook active hours by Sprout Social,

By reaching the end of this informative piece of content, you must have realized how powerful is the impact of social media on brand awareness. You need to leverage it smartly. At first, creating brand awareness using social media may seem tricky. In reality, it is a science and you can capitalize on your investment by smartly spending time and money on social media platforms to connect with your prospects and customers.

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