Electric vs Hybrid Cars: Which is More Sustainable?

hybrid vs electric cars

In this era of advanced technology, every person wants a better lifestyle. But in the race of chasing a better lifestyle, we often forget about what will be the consequences of this to our external environment? Now, some individuals are preferred to switch toward adopting sustainable practices. As per the defined agendas of Sustainable Development Goals (also known as SDGs), the future goal is to reduce pollution from the external environment. In terms of air pollution, the gas emitted from cars has become the point of discussion. There are numerous negative impacts of this gas on environmental sustainability. This will be lessened by consuming less or zero energy from fossil fuels. Thus, with the advanced improvements in the manufacturing of cars, we have now two options. These two options are named electric and hybrid cars. Upon making a decision based on the selection of any one of them, we questioned ourselves which one is better for environmental sustainability? Well, this decision has significantly worthy because it is based on several factors. If you want to study all these factors, then you are at the right site.

Hybrid vs Electric

The significant difference between hybrid and electric cars is based on the combustion and power process. In terms of hybrid cars, there is a presence of a combination of the engine as well as battery. In the engine, through fueling either diesel or petrol the car will perform its related functions. Furthermore, in hybrid cars, the engine process is linked with the internal combustion process. This process does function with the help of diesel or petrol (external resources from fossil fuels). It further produces power and sends this to the wheels for further functioning. Moreover, not only this but there is also an availability of a second option and that is of rechargeable battery. With the presence of a rechargeable battery, through the charging process, the car will be able to operate accordingly. Thus, the manufacturing of hybrid cars is organized on the basis of two types of different vehicle engines. 

On the other hand, in terms of the electric car, as the name indicates, there is only one option for the car owner. This option is to only charge the battery that generates power and sends it to the wheels. If you are deciding on purchasing any one of these cars based on which one is more sustainable, then you have to read the entire reasoning in the underneath sections:


Hybrid vs Electric Cars: Pros and Cons 

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars

In the case of hybrid cars, the highlighted benefit is that with high speed, the car consumes fuel rather than battery power. Thus, the driver has the option of driving the car for a longer time period. As the car is able to function in the longer run, then more miles can cover. The other benefit of purchasing a hybrid car is that by consuming the energy in the form of electricity, it improves the air quality. This is because no harmful emission is performed by the engine of the car.  

On the other hand, the disadvantage of the hybrid car is that it consumes some amount of fuel that causes pollution. It also requires some cost for fuel as well. Additionally, in order to maintain the car’s engine, an extra cost is also required. Thus, in the general sense, hybrid cars do not minimize the transportation carbon footprints from the environment. 

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

The significant advantage of electric cars is that they are environmentally friendly. It means they do not produce a carbon footprint that contaminated the air. Furthermore, an electric car does need any kind of fuel. Thus, you don’t need to pay any cost for fueling the tank. 

There is always another side of a coin, and in the current case, it is a disadvantage. Besides the advantages of electric cars, the notable disadvantages are that the speed of the car should be lowered which is less than 80 km/h. Not only this, it is also observed that while driving if the level of the battery is lowered, then you have to search for an electric filling station. In case, if you do not find out any electric filling station, then all of your efforts will in vain. 

Hybrid vs Electric Cars: Environmental Impact

From the above sections, one point extracted that is electric that cars are showing more contribution towards environmental sustainability. According to the research conducted by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2019, with the usage of electric cars, there is a reduction in the emission of polluted gas by 29%. In addition to this, EPA also investigated that electric cars are the reason for decreasing the level of Greenhouse Gases from this globe as compared with hybrid cars. A study conducted by the United States Department of Energy concluded that on average the amount of emission of Carbon dioxide gas from the production of gasoline cars is 11,435 pounds on an annual basis. Compared to this fact, the emission of Carbon dioxide gas from the manufacturing of electric vehicles and related components is 3,774 pounds on an annual basis. This figure suggested that the carbon emission from electric cars is almost 3 times less than that of emissions from hybrid cars. 

On the other hand, in terms of hybrid cars vs electric cars, practical research was conducted in 40 states of the United States. This research concluded that there is a reduction of 8% in the level of carbon emission by using electric cars. Thus, we can say that the production of electric cars is more sustainable in terms of lessening the carbon footprints from the environment as compared to gasoline cars.


Electric Convertible Cars 

After reading all the points mentioned above, now you are able to make a strong decision regarding purchasing an electric car. But what kind of electric car will purchase? The response is either you go with a collector one or with the supercar. According to USA-based Newport Convertible Engineering (NCE), the purchasing of  TESLA Model 3 is worth noticing. This car has the feature of autopilot mode. This feature enhances the significance in the market. It is because less resource energy, as well as less human energy, is required to drive this car. The benefit of this electric convertible car is that it has a long-range battery which has the feature of a high-speed charging process. In addition to this, it is also studied that it is the quickest car with performing a speed of 0-100 km/h within 1.9 seconds. 

Final Words 

In a nutshell, electric cars are more sustainable for a green environment as compared to gasoline or hybrid cars. A number of researches conducted with the same results that by introducing electric cars in the environment, there is a reduction in carbon footprints. In the list of electric cars, the US-based company named TESLA is the world-famous automated and electric car. This company is producing not only electric cars but also improving the speed of vehicles day after day. 

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