What is the Average Life Span of Garage Doors?

lifespan of garage doors

The construction of the house is based on the combination of several components and design ideas. These components, the essential ones are bricks, concrete, steel, aluminum, glass, and wood. Usually, when we are talking about the fitting of the door, wood has used. When a person entered the home, there are three gates or doors in front of it, one is the main gate, the second one is the entrance gate, and the third one which is almost side by side of the entrance gate is that of the garage. As every component of the house has an average life span, thus, garage doors are also having this feature. This is because the material used in the door which is wood has been affected by external weather conditions. These weather conditions are heat waves, hailing, rain, and many more. 

Usually, it is estimated that the average life span of a garage door varies from 15 years to 30 years. After knowing this stat, most of the homeowners show the action of relaxation. But with proper and time-to-time maintenance this life span can increase. So, it is essential to maintain the wood of garage doors for increasing the average life span of the garage door. 

There are a lot of factors that can affect the lifespan of the garage door. This garage door is basically divided into 2 types, one is residential garage doors, and the other one is commercial garage doors. What is the average life span of garage doors? To answer this question the following measures, have to keep in mind. 

The climate of the Region

If there are extreme weather conditions in your area of living, then you have to prepare for maintenance or repairing of the garage door. Whether a residential garage door or the commercial one, the strength of lousy weather’s consequences reduces the average life span of the garage door. 

Brand Quality of the Garage Door

By purchasing the high-quality garage door, it is obvious that its life span is longer than the lower-quality door. The benefit of consuming a branded quality garage door for residential or commercial use is that it increases the probability of safety. The advantages are not restricted to this, the other ones are it reduces the high maintenance costs, increases the curb appeal, and it produces no noise. 


Usage of Spring

The most essential component that influences the average span of a garage door is the usage of spring. With the variation in the types of spring, there is a variation in the longevity of the average life span. The two types of springs, one is a torsion spring and another one is an extension spring. Torque is produced in the torsion spring while force is produced in the extension spring. More the force is produced there is a possibility of malfunctioning of the extension spring. It means that there is a need of repairing of extension spring first for future safety measures.

Garage Door Openers 

For increasing your garage door’s lifespan, it is not able to check the working condition of door openers. The next question is how a person can check this by himself. So, the response is the hardware should tighten well. As the opener of the garage door has to move and vibrate a large number of times, the hardware has to fit tightly with the door. The other most important tips are to check the balance of the garage door’s opener, apply to lubricate to the moving as well as a fixed part of the opener, and check or tighten the cables of the opener over a certain period of time. 

Maintenance of Garage Door

The maintenance of residential garage doors and commercial garage doors is essential at present. Otherwise, the homeowner has to replace the garage door in the future. The first step in order to maintaining the garage door is cleanliness. The second step and last is to grease the springs on time. Also, the third one is to reduce the number of circles of the door for a longer average life span. 

Weather Stripping

The features of the garage door can be secure from external weather by applying weather stripping. With the application of these stripping in the form of formic sheets, the durability of the garage door will increase. These strips will damage after facing the consequences of bad weather situations. So, in the longer run, the amount required for maintenance and repairing will save if the homeowner goes with the option to apply the weather strips. 

The above-mentioned factors are the significant ones in terms of increasing the average life span of the residential and commercial garage door. But what are the signs for replacing your garage door? The answer to this query is not defined in a single statement. There are also some essential points that have to discuss in the section underneath:


What are the Signs for Replacing your Garage Door?

The most essential thing is to inspect all the components of the garage door. If the components are not working properly, then there is a need for repairing. Otherwise, in case of serious damage, you will have to replace your garage doors. 

Damaged or Broken Panels

If the garage door panel is made up of any metal such as steel, wood, or aluminum, damaged or broken, there is a serious need for replacement. Also, if the garage door is taking more force while opening or closing, there is a sign of replacement. 

Annoying Vibrations or Noise

While opening or closing the garage door, if the door creates annoying vibrations or unusual noise, first make sure to replace the spring and apply lubricant. But after these efforts, if the door still making infuriating voices, then the homeowner has to be ready to replace the door with all other components. 

Aging of Garage Door

As discussed in the earlier section, the average life span of a garage door is up to 30 years. After that, the homeowner is bound to replace the door with the new one. 

Increasing the Curb Appeals

It is not necessary that due to some technical fault the homeowner decided to change the garage door. Sometimes for enhancing the curb appeals of the home, the owner adapted the choice of replacing the door with all related components. Afterward, the fixing and fitting of the garage door, it is essential to maintain the appearance and functioning of the door. 

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