Aluminum Wire vs Copper Wire: The Best One For Your House

Aluminum Wire vs Copper Wire

 Construction of a house or office is sometimes puzzling and you cannot delay more in taking important decisions. You need to decide about the installation of wiring set-up in your home. Take firm decisions keeping in mind the safety of your home. We will help you out with the best wiring solutions which will meet your construction needs.

It is not about aluminum vs copper wire but it is a matter of your safety. You need to live in a place where you have a calm sleep without any worry regarding ignition. So, we will discuss which conductor suits better for home wiring.

Copper and aluminum are the two basic materials that we prefer to use for our electrical wiring. Both metals have many similar properties but still, they show different performances. The topic of aluminum Wiring vs Copper has always remained in debate but both metals have different attributes. It happens so because other than similarities these conductors have many different characteristics. Let us discuss some of the similarities and differences between copper and aluminum.


What is Aluminum Wire?

The experts in the wire and cable industry consider aluminum a weak and soft material. It expands when the temperature increases. There are many chances of heating up because it can only bear the limited pressure of electric current. So, if you calculate copper to aluminum wire conversion then you will have a better idea.

Though, it cools down after some time when we turn off the light. This contraction can create small gaps between the connector and wire increasing the risk of corrosion. If this process continues without the replacement of the connector the connector may ignite. Which could be risky for everyone.

Meanwhile, in this modern world solutions have been invented. Inhibitors are installed tightly with connectors to save from corrosion and high electric resistance. Engineers prefer using aluminum in power grids and airplanes because it is lighter in weight as compared to copper. The experts do not recommend aluminum for home wiring because of its properties. Some of the properties of aluminum are given below:

Properties of Aluminum

1: The aluminum wire carries 26.98 amu

2: It has silver in color.

3: It melts at 660.37 °C

4: Its boiling point is 2467 °C

5: The density of the Wire is 2700 kg/m3

Other than this, aluminum wires use 56% more area than copper wires to pass the same current. Using aluminum wires for the electrical wiring of a home can save hundreds of dollars but this idea will not work in the long term. Meanwhile, aluminum wires are less expensive and are more flexible than copper wires. There are different types of aluminum wire available in the market and each has a different place of usage. Let us now discuss why copper wires are preferable to aluminum wires for the electrical wiring of your home.

What is Copper Wire?

Copper wires provide 40 percent higher tensile strength than aluminum. There are very few chances for copper to break. So, during installation, it will not break when technicians pull it through feeders and ports. It has a low level of thermal expansion as compared to aluminum. There are very less chances of expansion when heat passes through it. Moreover, its temperature will increase when electricity will pass through the electrical wiring of copper. Though, electric copper wire price is higher than aluminum but never neglects its importance because of its price.

Many homeowners prefer copper electrical wiring because it is secure. Its property of low-level resistance maintains an appropriate level of conductivity. Copper wires can bear enough load of electricity which is the best at the household level. Possessing this quality, it will not easily bend.

Most importantly, copper is not that metal that gets oxidative so easily. That means copper wires do not rust. When it reacts with air, it just gets some spots on its surface. Let us now highlight some of the properties of copper:

Properties of Copper

1: Copper wire carries 63.55 u

2: It has an appearance of reddish color

3: It melts at 1085 °C

4: Its boiling point is 2562 °C

5: The density of the Wire is 8.96 g/cm3

Pros of Aluminum Wiring

1: Aluminum wire is half of the price of copper wire.

2: Maintains the same conductivity at a lighter weight.

3: A higher resistivity level in aluminum wiring helps in delineating 3-dimensional structures.

4: In comparison with copper aluminum wiring is easier to install.

5: Its bending quality allows it to be installed even in difficult locations.

6: Lightweight quality makes it perfect for industrial applications.

Cons of Aluminum Wiring

1: Higher chances of corrosion because of higher resistance.

2: Risks of igniting fire increase because of corrosion.

3: Require big enough conductors to handle electricity load.

4: Sometimes, insurance companies reject the claim because of aluminum wiring installation in a home.

5: Demands many dedicated parts for installation for example

6: Only an expert troubleshot aluminum wiring.

Pros of Copper Wiring

1: Till now, copper is believed as one of the best electricity conductors.

2: You can control its insulation, which allows you to develop a set according to your need.

3: Its property of less resistance to heat decreases the chances of corrosion.

4: A higher melting point increases its life.

5: It is a long-term investment, after installation, you will not need repeated replacements.

6: Copper wiring is compatible with modern appliances.

Cons of Copper Wiring

1: It is more expensive than aluminum wiring and even doubles its price.

2: Providing structure is important in copper wiring because of its heavy weight.

3: Copper wiring has less stability against electrical surges.


After making a brief comparison of aluminum wiring and copper wiring, always prefer the copper wiring of your house. It is a matter of your safety and your family members. Do not get worried thinking about expenses. If you are constructing your home then think about a secured future. Where you will spend money again and again on your electrical wiring.

Call us today to get the services of experts. We will offer the best deals for installing copper wires in your home.

QUICK FAQs                                                                       

Why is copper used for most electrical wiring?

The professionals always prefer copper wiring because it has the brilliant capacity to carry electricity. There is hardly any other electrical conductor which can offer better performance. Meanwhile, it is also considered a one-time investment because you do not have to make replacements after installations.

Is aluminum wiring safe?    

Aluminum wiring is safe but risky. It is because Aluminum wiring shows higher resistance against heat which increases the chances of corrosion. The corrosion can become the reason for ignition. It is better to avoid aluminum wiring for houses and commercial places. Though you can minimize risks with the installation of conductors, a threat is always alarms.                                                                              

Which one is cost-effective?

Aluminum wiring saves you money at the time of installation but copper wiring serves you for a long time. It is better to go for the choice which benefits you in the long run. When you install copper wiring in your house you will not have to repetitively install conductors. But, in aluminum wiring, you need to check on a regular basis to ensure your security.

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